The pounding wails of fear
Beating pulsing in my head
Rising and descending
Like ritual panic

My entire being becomes
Engulfed encircled
In a never ending maze
Of sound and sight

Lungs inhale the vacuum
The nothing ness of the unknown
Inhaling the fear that forever flows
Pulsing beating rushing from my heart

No escape petrified paralyzed

No escape petrified paralyzed
Pulses of blood beat harder within
The black outer skin of a grotesque cherade
Masquerade in airless cell
The prison of my mind a blackened shell


Sitting beside the mirror
Looking at the face he's always known
All he sees is shadow of himself
And image covered in scar

Pain suffering all he's ever had
Pain suffering all he's ever know

He was the object of is parent's fighting
Their aggressions always turned to him
He had no outlet to is feelings
And so he turned to his inner self
The pain got stronger every day
Until there was no way to stop it

The natural way of conformity
Is to mold each child to society's needs
But this system can't fit everyone
Each individual will always be different

Reality is morbidity
Reality is insanity
Society creating reality
Society ignoring humanity


Screams of death
It's happened again
The nightmare has been revived
Old wounds re-opened

Desecration of the graves
And the writing on the wall
Power of hatred
Can turn the wheels back again

France - destroy the ancient tombs
England - riots in the streets
Russia - property was burned

What happened to the human race
Is their hate so strong that they cannot feel

Millions of bodies buried in the earth
Turn inside their graves
Their holy sleep has been disturbed
They will never rest again


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