Millions Slaughtered /Live - 1990

Recorded live at the Roxan club in Tel- Aviv, this demo tape sold 1500 copies worldwide and also got the German label "Morbid Records" to sign the band for a one album contract.
Due to massive demands this tape reappeared on the compact disc version of "Creating Our Sins" containing the original format of 10 live songs and 2 studio cuts.
Hate mail started to flow into the band's mailbox due to the high number of bands in the scene formed by extreme racists.
The peak of that came in 1992 when Ze'ev, the lead singer of the band got a bomb in the mail from Norway because of the "Millions Slaughtered" title song anti- nazi lyrics.


Destruction Till Death -

By now Salem was well known in the underground circles and used to play regularly at a local club in Tel- Aviv called the Pinguin.
This club served as a house for underground music throughout the 80's.
"Destruction Till Death" was recorded there during a live gig and 250 copies were made mainly for the local crowd. 12 songs were featured on this live demo.
Nothing more brutal then this tape could be found anywhere back in 1987.


Salem -

This is where it all started, with the release of this 5 song demo tape back in the days when compact disc players were not widely spread yet.
Recorded during a rehearsal and limited to 100 copies, Salem helped the extreme metal genre to be invented, and reached a new level of brutality that was unknown up until then.
The demo tape was intended mainly for the music industry and it is known now that only a few original copies have survived.

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